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Pitch for the company’s board

The overall winner will be invited by the challenging company’s board to pitch their solution in front of the real decision-makers. This will happen roughly one month after the hackathon, so your pitch can be perfected.  learn more

Your pitch filmed, edited and shared

There is no better way to let your idea go viral than having a bite-size, professional video. For the winners of each challenge, footage will be recorded during your pitch at the gala. After editing, your video will be shared on social media.  learn more

Attend the gala dinner

Winners of each challenge will be invited to the gala dinner on Thursday night. Besides delivering your pitch, this is also a perfect opportunity for networking.  learn more

Participate in the Ent-Ex The Hague

The Ent-Ex (Entrepreneurial Experience) Workshop is a 3-day programme for everyone between 18-30 yrs old who’s interested in developing their entrepreneurial skills. Together with a group of like-minded young professionals and students they meet with four successful entrepreneurs to ask them all about the skills developed throughout their career. The workshop offers professional coaching and takes place in 4 European cities. To the youngest participants of each nominated team at the Logistics Hackathon we offer a free spot for Ent-Ex in The Hague, The Netherlands (June 2020).  learn more

Fly-in Experience

Take your entire team to the widest free fall tunnel in the world! Liège Airport provides a Skydiving experience to the 2 winning teams of the Logistics Hackathon.  learn more

3 Months at The Beacon

Winners of each challenge get two flex seats for a period of 3 months in The Beacon, an innovative AI and IoT community.  learn more