Hackathon Recap

Unique Logistics Hackathon by OTM

Since 2018, OTM is organising the Unique Logistics Hackathon. Every year a start-up is chosen as partner to help with the organisation and practical affairs.

Dockflow (Antwerp)

Dockflow got the honor of co-organising the first edition of the Logistics Hackathon in 2018.  Dockflow strives for a transition from traditional supply chains to interconnected sets of agile and dynamic trade networks. Imagine the endless possibilities of smart, open and automated systems: faster, better, cheaper and greener logistics around the world. This is embodied in the concept of the Physical Internet.

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Lanark (Antwerp)

Lanark followed in the footsteps of Dockflow by co-organising the second edition of the Unique Logistics Hackathon in 2019. Our Digital Supply Chain Engineers develop and continuously re-engineer the supply chains of the future. Digital is what drives us in our work towards a fully integrated, smart network of digitised supply chains.

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