What is a hackathon?


A hackathon is an event, where a problem must be resolved under high time pressure. Specialists from specific industries, try to work out a solution as a team

Hackathons started out as social coding competitions. Programmers and other interested people would come together and build a software program. 

Today, hackathons are organised beyond the software world and focus on solving specific cases / challenges.


Limited time

Hackathons are events where a problem must be solved under high time pressure. They usually span 1-2 days. This hackathon gives you 24 hours to work out your solution.

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Hackathons require a creative mindset, complemented by logic  and understanding. It is often said that Hackathons are the new Brainstorming.

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A hackathon is centered around one or more well-defined challenges. The participants’ goal is to envision a workable solution to these challenges.

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Participating teams are usually a mix of companies, students and consultants. Usually, these people are externals, providing an out-of-the-box viewpoint to the challenge.
Participants widen their scope by tackling the challenging problems as a team and by connecting with valuable contacts.
For the Logistics Hackathon, teams are made up of 3-5 people.

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