Veroniek De Mulder

Veroniek has over 20 years of experience in various managerial positions – in both public and private sector.

After obtaining her engineering degree, Veroniek studied business administration and law. She was certified as a mediator in civil and commercial matters by the Federal Arbitration Committee in 2013.

At multinational companies Henkel and Volvo Cars, Veroniek has fulfilled several sales- and marketing duties. Here, she has dedicated herself to negotiation and relationship management.

As Commercial Director at the Waterwegen en Zeekanaal nv (a department of the Flemish government), Veroniek entered the public sector. Here, she was responsible for promotion of the waterways as a means of transport. She achieved this by implementing plicies focused on inland waterways and logistics real estate.

Today, she is the CEO of ODTH First Class Logistics – a company active in logistics services, warehousing, distribution and value added services. She is also a fellow at the Sustainability College Bruges. The SCB is an education and research institute, working with the Sustainable Development Goals.

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