War for trucks

Can we model the causes & impact of the “war for trucks” and leverage this information in a useful way?

There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. Lots of transport capacity and efficiency remain unused due to losses during the journey.

Some people search for solutions in loading and unloading slots as if transport can be compared to a dentist’s appointment. In the process, they tend to forget taking into account their hair dresser appointment, a visit to the bank and attending your kid’s football game – with hunderds of kilometres between these locations.

The truck market is in full motion. Increased regulations combined with a shortage of drivers, more traffic jams etc. in a context of an upswing in the economy are increasingly leading to a “war for trucks”. Shippers make efforts to become the “preferred customer” of transport companies. Even more, the increased restrictions on loading and unloading are not helping us. Can we model the impact of  these issues and use that information in a positive way?


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