Spadel Business Case


Hello Fresh, Amazon, Colruyt Collect and Go, “Evian Chez vous “, Coolblue … All these services have been creating added value for their company for many years, by focusing on the consumer’s needs and his willingness to get his products at the right place in a minimum of time thanks to the digitalization of the order to delivery process.

Today, you order with your smartphone on Monday and you are delivered at home on Tuesday morning. It is a win-win situation . For the consumer : less waste of time for more convenience. For the company, continue building knowledge around their consumers and their evolution by creating value for the future.

At Spadel (Belgian international group, specialized in the bottling of mineral waters), we are not yet there . We continue to deliver our products in a more traditional way : full trucks loaded at the factory, unloaded and stored in a distribution center, finally delivered to traditional stores ( major part are retailers). We do not create any added value by proposing a dedicated home delivery services. We do not build our knowledge by using digital datas of our consumers.

How can we be innovative in this sector by keeping a home delivery system still profitable but also sustainable?