Reducing returns

How can we reduce the number of returned products in the Belron group?

Within Belron our purpose is “To make a difference for our customers by solving people’s problems with real care!” However, having 20% returned products is not really a good example of “Making a difference”.

Of course, returning products is a standard process within any industry. This process is very expensive and creates some logistics challenges. The root-cause of these returns and associated cost is often not clear. As the number of returns in gradually increasing over the last years, today we are at a point where we are shipping back 20% of our products to our Distribution Centers. This creates a huge amount of inefficiencies both in processes and products. It is what we call in German “Scheibentourismus”.

What are the reasons for these returns? Why are there such differences between the countries? How can we reduce the number of returns? What are best practices within other industries with a comparable problem?

Your challenge is to help us:
– Get a good insight why we return so many pieces of glass and the cost associated.
– Create a plan to have zero returns.
– Think differently, be full of energy, give ideas and actively engage with us….
In short your challenge is to help us “Crack this code” to make a difference for our company.


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